Do we Reincarnate?

Do we Reincarnate? And If So, Is There Such A Thing As Karma?

Kaamil Shah, Akron, Ohio, USA

Reincarnation is not linear as we would have it be due to the nature of the way our brains work. You reincarnate into physical dimension because you extend from the greater portion of Source and withdraw back to the larger portion of Source in an ebb and sway toward physical form and from physical form.

Your individual lives can be described best with the famous analogy of a candle flame. If you have a flame on a candle and then take that flame and light the wick of a different candle with it, and blow out the first flame, is the second flame the same flame as the first? Or is it different? The answer is that the flame is not the same and it also is not different.

You are not the same from life to life and you also are not different.

Because you are always connected to Source, you have come into this life still connected to what many like to call an “Akashic Record” which is more or less knowledge compiled in the non physical of all that has been since the beginning. Akashic knowledge is knowledge of oneness, knowledge of the cosmos, knowledge of all human and non human experience throughout history. It is also knowledge of all of your previous lives. This knowledge is encoded in your DNA. You have access to memory of past lives, even if it is not conscious to you. You have gained understanding in your past lives that has transferred with you into this life, and you will carry it with you into the next life.

This standpoint of understanding is responsible for the “why” you chose this life. It is also partially responsible for why you show different propensities than others. Even though your opposing energetic vibrations (sufferings) are wiped clean in death so you can have a fresh start, your vibrational slate is not wiped clean entirely from life to life. Your past lives only serve to help you positively evolve into what you ARE. You ARE the culmination of all of them.

As I have said on multiple occasions, this universe is not a linear one which means, intentions for coming into form can be all over the map. The truth of reincarnation is not in line with the traditional idea that a butcher is then fated to become the animal he has butchered in his next life. There is no cosmic debt you are paying.

All of your lives are chosen specifically because of what they will help you to evolve into. It may be that when a butcher dies and has emerged into Source having evolved into what his life caused him to evolve into, that the next step could be that he hopes to gain evolution out of the new perspective that being on the other side of the coin (an animal meeting with the butcher’s knife) would give him.

But you do not attract a life by default based on your last life. You may, when you have had to die in one life in order to realize your desires, choose to re emerge into a life with a similar circumstance with the intention of re living the situation that gave birth to that desire with the intention to realize the desire before you die in the new life knowing that the achievement of that desire, while you are still living, will give rise to an entire new set of desires and therefore new perspective. And thus, it is easy to interpret this choice as fulfilling unfinished business from one life in the next.

You can, from the standpoint of Source, choose to revisit or re-activate the thoughts and thought forms associated with a past life because they still exist. You do not attract a life from a vibration of negativity because your negative energetic vibration does not follow you past death. This is why it feels good to die. When you die, the thoughts and thought forms are left behind as you withdraw your focus back into the total positive energetic vibration of Source.

This is why karma is only a concept for the physical realm. It is the concept that you get what you give, in other words a simplified way of explaining how law of attraction works. And because negative vibration cannot be carried over from life to life, karma does not exist outside the physical dimension.

Karma is something people use to justify things over which they think they have no control, as a control over trying to scare people into behaving in a beneficial way to each other, and it is what people say when they are not consciously aware of the law of attraction (and are therefore looking at the manifested aftermath of it).